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How to Sow Trailing Petunia Seeds

How to Sow Trailing Petunia Seeds

A very popular garden flower which thrives best when bunched together. To encourage trailing in a basket, ensure that the stems are tightly packed. This will allow them to trail downwards over the edges. Flowers will bloom into a stunning range of veined and double coloured blue, purple, pink, white and red. Trailing petunias are a very versatile plant. They will happily grow in pots, baskets, bedding, borders or stacked in planters. The long stems will reach approximately 15 inches in length. How long does it take to grow petunias from seeds? From initial germination, you can expect beautiful petunia flowers within around 10-12 weeks.

When to Plant Trailing Petunia Seeds

  • Trailing petunia seeds can be sown indoors at any time. On a windowsill or in a greenhouse. For optimal germination, keep temperatures between 21-27 degrees celsius.
  • Sow on top of fine or high quality seed compost. Make sure that the seeds are still slightly visible, just press down lightly. Do not cover them with soil or compost.
  • Ensure that the soil is kept quite moist, to help keep seeds moist. Cover the pots or seed trays in a polythene film or wrap. You can also use a seed propagator.
  • After around 3 weeks of sunlight in a humid environment, the petunia seeds will begin to germinate. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight as the seeds will dry out.
  • Once petunia seedlings are established, you can safely handle them and move to their final location. This can be a cooler environment or outdoors providing it is not winter.

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