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How to Sow Red Micro Amaranth Seeds

How to Sow Red Micro Amaranth Seeds

Growing red micro amaranth from seed is very easy. Traditionally known as a pseudograin, which has been grown and harvested around the world for thousands of years. Micro red amaranth germinate and mature very fast, which is why it has been used for a millennia. The seeds for micro red amaranth are very small and will produce deep red sprouts that only take a few days to fully mature. We would recommend harvesting after 25 days. From a family of around 75 species, amaranth is very popular in the United Kingdom, even during varying weather conditions.

How to Grow Red Micro Amaranth from Seed

  • Best grown indoors in pots or containers, as they will grow very fast near a windowsill or conservatory with no draft.
  • The germination period only takes a day or two, be sure to cover the seeds with newspaper or kitchen roll. Will germinate best in a warm environment.
  • Water once a day to promote growth, once the seed sprouts have pushed through the paper, then the paper can be removed.
  • Once the sprouts have got to a height of 1 to 2″ they can then be harvested and even stored in a container in a fridge.

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