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How to Sow Frilly Giant Mixed Pansy Seeds

How to Sow Frilly Giant Mixed Pansy Seeds

Frilly pansy is a hardy annual, that can bloom flowers the same year if sown early enough. This versatile pansy, can be grown indoors all year round. Frilly pansy comes in a variety of colours with double frilled petals, that will complement any garden border, basket, windowsill or conservatory. Pansies are also edible and make for great cake decorations or even as a garnish in a salad.

Sowing Guidance for Growing Frilly Giant Mixed Pansy Seeds

  • For the best coloured flowers, sow seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost, then transplant them to their final growing location.
  • The germination period is between 10 to 20 days, cover seeds with a fine layer of soil and keep the soil moist during this time.
  • Cover the seed tray or pots with a polythene wrap to keep seeds moist. Place in a dark area if possible to aide germination.
  • sow seeds outdoors in mid spring for early flowering, in an area that has full sun and or partial shade for the best results.
  • For later flowering sow seeds between late summer and early fall.
  • Once flowers have fully bloomed they can be harvested for consumption in drinks, baking and food in general.

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