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How to Sow British Ox Eye Daisy Seeds

How to Sow British Ox Eye Daisy Seeds

British ox eye daisy, originates from Europe and some regions in Asia. More recently being introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand. Ox eye daisies, can be found in meadows and grass verges. Standing between 12 to 18″ tall, producing an abundance of edible, self seeding white petal flowers. Accompanied by a bright yellow centre. With their iconic look. This attracts plenty of bees, butterflies and other insects alike.

Advice on Cultivating British Ox Eye Daisy from Seeds

  • Can be sown and grown indoors in an area with sufficient light and warmth, like a windowsill or conservatory.
  • Sowing seeds directly outdoors after the last frost has passed and the ground is workable, keeping the soil moist but well drained.
  • The germination period is between 10 to 30 days, depending on conditions with a temperature between 15 to 20C. Ensure the seeds receive plenty of light,
  • When seedlings are big enough to handle, transplant them to their final location with full sun and partial shade. de head to promote a second growth of flowers.
  • If sowing seed directly on grass, ensure the ground is well worked, and water the plants well.

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