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How to Sow Mixed Forget me Not Seeds

How to Sow Mixed Forget me Not Seeds

A stunning variety, which is grown throughout the United Kingdom. With a range of shaded blue, white and pink flowers. Forget me nots are the ideal choice when it comes to bedding, pots, containers or when used as a ground cover flower. Myosotis Alpestris is the original name, for flowers which love to spread and will happily grow perfectly alongside most garden flowers. With tightly packed foliage, add a splash of colour to dull soil. When it comes to sowing difficulty, mixed forget me not are one of the easier varieties to grow and care for. Do forget me nots come back every year? The good news is yes! You can expect year on year blooms from these super hardy plants. During the winter time, outdoor forget me nots will recede for the winter, ready for sprouting again next spring.

How to Plant Mixed Forget me Nots

  • Start seeds indoors at any time, or start outdoors after the last frosts have passed. Sow in pots or seed starting trays, approximately 3mm deep in small drills.
  • For borders or ground cover, loosen ground soil until it can be handled easily without clumps. Next scatter the forget me not seeds and work into the soil, only covering lightly.
  • Ensure the sowing area receives plenty of sunlight. Keep warm, while keeping the soil moist. Small seedlings should begin to emerge within two weeks.
  • If covering multiple locations or transplanting to larger pots, thin plants to 30cm apart to allow an easier transplant once they reach adolescence. Too many close plants will cause root entanglement. This is only an issue if transplanting to avoid root damage.

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