Sowing Guide

How to Sow Rosy Red Cornflower Seeds

Are Red Cornflowers Easy to Grow from Seed?

A beautiful red flower which can be found in cornfields across the UK. Once grown, red cornflowers make the perfect addition to cocktails, salads, or as a simple garnish. The bright red flowers, sit on top of stems which can reach up to 100cm in length. This makes them easy to harvest, plus with their hardiness to UK weather. Cornflowers are one of the easiest varieties to grow. A self seeding flower, which will supply a consistent abundance of cornflowers. They are also drought resistant, preferring a well drained soil to thrive. Cornflower seeds are very unique to the eye and easy to handle.

How to Sow Rosy Red Cornflower Seeds

  • Cornflowers can be started at any time indoors. Using seed trays or small pots, position next to a sun facing window.
  • If sowing outdoors, wait until there are no more frosts due for the year. If the ground and weather are both warm, seeds can be sown outdoors in the ground.
  • Plant cornflower seeds approximately 1/4″ deep in a well draining compost or soil. Fine grade compost also works well. Maintaining a consistent temperature of between 12-21 degrees, will provide optimal germination results.
  • Place each seed in a separate tray, or if sowing together allow a minimum of 3 inches between seeds. Cornflower roots like to spread, so this space is important for them to establish well.
  • The germination stage is complete once seedlings have exceeded 3 inches in height. After then, they can be transplanted to their final growing location. Be careful not to damage roots, as this will affect their ability to grow.


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