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How to Sow Mix English Wallflower Seeds

How to Sow Mix English Wallflower Seeds

A self seeding plant, which produces a bright array of blooming flowers. Lush green stems, with compact blooms in purple, yellow, red and white. Mixed wallflower is part of the mustard family. With iconic flowers, in various colours grown traditionally in the cooler seasons. Adult wallflower plants produce a soft sweet fragrance, which makes them a perfect bedding plant. Wallflower is a perennial in mild winter areas, reaching a maximum height of 18-20 inches once fully grown.

Cultivation Advice for Sowing Mix English Wallflower from Seed

  • Mixed english wallflowers can be sown indoors in pots, containers and window boxes in an area with sufficient light and warmth. Plant seeds around 1/4″ deep in fresh compost or fine, well worked soil.
  • The germination period takes between 7 to 21 days keeping the soil moist, but well drained and at a temperature above 20C. Try to avoid acidic soil, as this may lead to the flower getting club root.
  • Once wallflower seedlings are over 3 inches tall. They are big enough to transplant to their final location. Ensure the soil is well drained and receives full sun. Keep a plant spacing of 12″.
  • During the hotter times of the year, keep the soil moist and weed free to encourage healthy growth.
  • Wallflowers can last many years if pruned back heavily before winter, but will look unsightly until new growth takes place.

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